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Connect to your sensuality through art


Have you felt out of touch with your sensuality?

Have you struggled with feeling lonely or out of touch with the world?

Have you wanted to infuse more joy in your life?


I help people reconnect with their sensuality so they can have more joy in their life.


What will you receive?

You will have a creative experience that gets you in touch with your sensuality.


Investment: $175



Feb 12th 2019 Ambrosia by Caffrodite, 1987 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93001



"As an artist, I was already drawn to organic shapes but had never given sensuality much consideration. This workshop opened my eyes and pores to sensuality around me, which enabled me to incorporate more passion and expression in my art. The instructor was nurturing and inspired me to explore outside my comfort zone and create pieces that reflect sensuality. She offered plenty of individual attention as well as time to absorb new ideas and prompts. Rima created a safe space for women to share their insights and enhance their skills."


"I felt safe with the ladies and with Rima. I also notice more about sensuality surrounding me. I was inspired by the approach to abstract painting… there is no approach! It’s just soulful and not deliberate. I love that!"


You do not have to be an artist to take this class!


Some paintings that my students did:

Karen's painting

Group painting

Group painting2


"Creativity Takes Courage.”

-Henri Matisse